Welcome to the home on the Web for Hairstrike: the 80s metal phenomenon.

It's music from a simpler time, when women were cool, and men were hot. And guitars had a lot of sustain. That's right: spandex, Aquanet, shredding guitars and shrieking vocals. This is party music, for "nothing but a good time."

set list

Hairstrike plays all the huge 80s metal hits. If you're curious what they play, you can see the current set list here.


To book Hairstrike for a live show, contact Associated Entertainment Consultants, or e-mail us directly at info@hairstrike.net.

from the fans

"Hello to Hairstrike and fans! For all who have yet to see these guys, please go see them! The band is a throwback of the 80's hairband days and a blast to see. They sing most of the songs you would expect from the era and do it well. We are definitely going to book them again in the New Year so if you haven't seen them by then I urge you to do so with us."
--Christine C., Bobby D’s Cocktail Lounge, Redwood City, CA
"Where to begin? It's like being at the Head Bangers Ball! You guys are frickin’ amazing I'm always a fan of live music and I know all the words too:) The vocalist's range is crazy awesome! Guitar riffs the best! You guys totally take me down to Paradise City! Rock on -- your biggest fan and yes I graduated in 1988 :)"
--Katie S. Newark, CA