about the band

Jake Viceroy picture

jake viceroy

Lead vocal, rhythm guitar

Jake Viceroy grew up on a pig farm in Laredo, Texas, where hog-calling helped him to perfect the traditional high-pitch metal shriek.

He feasted on a steady diet of metal all through school, studying in detail the genius of performers like Ronnie James Dio, Paul Stanley, Klaus Meine, Rob Halford, and of course Jani Lane, and eventually deciding to devote his life to the pursuit of metal awesome, for its purity as an art-form, and "for the chicks."

He has never had it officially measured, but has a vocal-range of "about 18 octaves." Whether it's the raspy/creepy Stephen Pearcy; the over-dramatic Dokken; the super-shrieky Sebastian Bach, or the soaring, OMFG-pretty Steve Perry; Jake has studied it, and mastered it all.

Jake picked up the guitar in college to increase his skill in metal bad-assery, and mostly sticks to playing his late-80s Les Paul, "because it's a f*cking Les Paul."

Cole Stone picture

cole stone

Bass guitar, backup vocal

Cole Stone is a stone-cold badass. He hails from Newport News, Virginia, and built his first bass from two-by-fours and chicken-wire when he was seven years old. Cole's strange, preternatural gift for harmony-singing emerged shortly after that, when he accidentally broke all the windows in the house while part-singing in the ultrasonic range with the family dog.

He heard his first metal track on local FM radio, and after seeing the leering, sneering faces on MTV's "Headbanger's Ball," he realized it was his destiny to be a metal star as well.

Cole is the strong, silent type -- he wears his stoicism on his sleeve like some men wear their feelings. Feelings are not important -- f*cking metal is what's important. He may appear to be standing like heavy stone, bou can bet your ass that Cole is gathering his 'ki' to bring the bass and vocal attack that flattens the crowd.

Kitt De la Rosa  picture

kitt de la rosa

Drums, backup vocal

Kitt De la Rosa is a rocket ship to rock and roll love waiting to lift off.. Who needs a click-track when you have a rocket-ship ride to the stars?? Kitt first began drumming as he was growing up in a small town south of San Diego, California.

His musical tastes expanded as he grew older, and Kitt explored everything from progressive jazz to German polka, but the bombastic styles of drummers like John Bohnam and Carmine Appice constantly pulled him back to metal, learning heavier and heavier licks every day.

To this day, no one is completely sure whether the spontaneous liftoff of his family home into outer space was caused by his drumming, but he was playing at the time, and only just barely managed to leap free, clinging to his prized Zildjian 22" Extra-Extra-Heavy ride.